James Woods Hilariously Mocks ‘Chubby Wumpkins’ Micheal Moore for His Pathetic Photoshop of ACB

James Woods is truly a word smith…

He some how always finds the most brilliant way to smack down liberals in any situation.


Case in point: rotund film director Michael Moore made this sad attempt at tying Amy Coney Barrett to “The Handmaids Tale” with this totally amateur photoshop job where he just altered the color of her dress:

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How much longer are they gonna go with this old, tired “Handmaids Tale” theme?

Well, James Woods shredded Moore in truly hilarious fashion with this tweet:

Can we get a round of applause for that comeback?!

Cause it was brilliant!

And here’s the actual color of her dress:

Twitter users also had some great reactions to Wood’s hilarious response:

“I spit my tea out. Chubby Wumpkins!!?”

“They are really bad at this”

“?????? @MMFlint figured out how to access the color wheel on photoshop!!”

“Weren’t we all supposed to be handmaids when Kavenaugh was put on scotus? I never got my dress and bonnet ?‍♀️”

“Chubby Wumkins. Best thing ever!! ???”

“What’s ironic is that the same women protesting as Handmaids for this protest willingly walk around all day with their faces covered with a mask, obeying the arrows on the floor of grocery store aisles??‍♀️”

“It’s this and the fly. That’s what they got.”

Liberals really are running out of good material these days.

Well, to be honest, they’ve been out of material since 2016.

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