VIDEO: Jen Psaki Let’s Out a Bizarre Chuckle While Discussing Kamala Harris’ Abysmal Approval Rating

Kamala Harris can’t catch a break. And I am not suggesting she deserves one – lord knows she’s caught lots of breaks in the past that have propelled her career along at a steady pace. And that “break” she caught in 2020 was probably the biggest gift she’s ever gotten – and without all the “breaks” Kamala wouldn’t be where she is today.


But, the “breaks” have stopped. And now, Kamala is forced to pay the toll for all those free rides she’s taken over the years…

The tab has come, and it’s expensive.

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As it stands now, Kamala is a laughingstock that nobody takes seriously. She seems nervous, hesitant, scared, and insecure in her new position. When she’s not hiding out, she’s screwing something up. Kamala can’t talk to the press without sounding defensive and childish, and she just seems uncomfortable in her own skin, which makes people feel uncomfortable watching her.

Kamala hired a “crisis PR” team to help her image, and I think it actually made things worse.

And that’s why her poll numbers are so embarrassingly low. The latest USA Today poll has Kamala sitting at a humiliating 28 percent approval.


And those numbers are so low, as a matter of fact, that Jenn Psaki thinks they’re funny.


Wow, with friends like Jen, who need enemies, right?


But at this point, with how badly this administration is performing, you either laugh or you’ll be crying.

And while Jen laughs, Kamala is undoubtedly crying.

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