Jim Acosta’s New “Narcissistic Stunt” Backfires and Leaves Him Looking Silly

Jim Acosta has a well-earned reputation for being a self-serving jerk.


Rumor has it that he used his time serving as the White Hosue correspondent for CNN to “audition” for his own show.

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Jim thought if he threw away professionalism and actual journalistic integrity and became a full-woke “Resister” he could propel himself to stardom and land his own show on the unpopular fake news network.

Sadly for Jim, that didn’t pan out.


Instead of getting his own show, Jim lost his post as WH correspondent, and now he’s meandering around covering whatever crumbs of news are left on the ground.

But like a good little narcissist, Jim is still living in the past and trying to recapture those “Resist” glory days.

And as a result, he just pulled off one of his most “narcissistic” moves to date.

Jim showed up to get his COVID vaccine while wearing a t-shirt that listed all of the stories he covered during the Trump-era.

And boy, oh boy, did he get roasted for it.

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Here’s the picture that Jim posted of himself and what he said: ‘Just the shot in the arm I needed. The latest studies show the Covid-19 vaccines are highly effective. Please do your part to end this pandemic. Get your shot!”

Here’s a closeup of the t-shirt:

Here are some of the brutal comments Jim got for posting such an absurd photo:

“why do you have the body and physique of a 10-year-old boy?”

“If you zoom in closely, it says: “I tried super hard to journalism but all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.””

“This post is clearly NOT about you getting a vaccine, but about the stories YOU covered Jim. Not the time or place for ego trips – you’re better than this.”

“Next shirt should say “I’m the jackass who pushed a White House intern because press briefings need to be all about me & then I can write ‘dear diary’ posts about my experiences & get made fun of on Twitter & think I’m the shit.””

“What about the outbreak at the nursing home in the UK where residents were vaccinated. I bet your network doesn’t report that.”

“No, you can have mine aswell, maybe 4 shots will make you super human, or a good journalist again..one can hope,good luck with that, love that you love Trump to keep him in your thoughts”

“You know you’re a narcissist when…”

“Glad you got vaccinated, Jim. Also, why are you wearing a commemorative shirt to yourself?”

“Nobody loves Jim Acosta like Jim Acosta love Jim Acosta.”

“How many times did this guy call President Trump a narcissist?’

“That shirt is one of the cringiest, narcissistic, self-centered things I’ve ever seen”

“No one loves Jim Acosta more than Jim Acosta.”

“You’re really wearing that shirt, one you specifically picked out that day knowing you’d be photographed in it, and you wonder why your profession is held in contempt by the public.”

“That shirt brings you to new levels of self-righteousness that I didn’t know were possible”

“I bitched and complained about doing my job for a year, while successfully making it all about me and all I got was this t-shirt I made for myself…”

Nobody deserves to get hammered for being a narcissistic jerk like Jim does.


But one thing I did notice as I went through the comments on the tweet, is that Jim Acosta is a “sex symbol” amongst the left-wing cat ladies, and even some of the men.

They were swooning over him.


I guess we finally have the proof: liberalism really is a mental disorder.

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