Jim Stockstill Featured on His Glory TV: Visions on Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and The Avalanche (Donald Trump Re-Election)


Editor’s Note: Jim appears on His Glory with Dave (David Scarlett) founder of His Glory ministries.  This is a somewhat long video (just over an hour) but very well worth your time to watch it.  Unlike many I have seen on TV, YouTube, Facebook and elsewhere – you can see the genuine concern, the care that Jim has for the Church, as well as for those not even in the Church.  You can see and hear the humbleness when Jim is speaking.  I am reminded (although Jim may not appreciate the comparison for obvious reasons) of Bible characters such as Moses, powerful and having the ear of God Himself directly, yet humble (Numbers 12:3) and obedient unto the Lord.

Jim is not one who is puffed up with his own importance, rather he is concerned with what concerns the Lord, what Jesus wants to have said, not what he (Jim) wants to say.  Jim is after glory all right, just not his glory, but rather glory for the Lord God, and Him only.  Jim (and Dave also) are not looking for fame or fortune, they aren’t looking to be a household word, they aren’t after your money so as to own million dollar homes, jets and luxury cars.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am not one to glowingly endorse others.  I am not one to publicly (or privately) lavish praise on others all that often.  To be brutally honest, this is because I am not all that impressed with most so-called leaders and teachers of what they call the truth.

All this to say that I believe Jim and Dave to be straight-forward honest and true servants of the Most-High God that we serve.  There are few who really are.  General Michael Flynn and Rob Pue (Publisher of Wisconsin Christian News) are also great men of God.

I hope therefore that you who have come to this post will watch the following video all the way to it’s conclusion.  Jim is a wonderful speaker, and there is a lot of good information as well as conformation of what is occurring now in these trying times.

Be sure to watch all the way to the end.  Jim’s prayer/benediction is heartfelt and touching.

God bless
Greg – Editor-in-Chief National War Council

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