Jimmy Kimmell Jumps Back Into "Politics" and Gets Instantly Pummeled 

There’s a populist revolution underway in the United States, and it was kicked off by a bunch of “gamers” on the social media platform “Reddit,” who wanted to support their favorite video game store “GameStop.”


GameStop was under “attack” by Wall Street bazillionaire hedge fund owners and managers, who were trying to bring down the company (and make a lot of money) with a widely-used technique called “short sale” or “short squeeze.”

The gamers – thousands of them – got together and bought up a ton of GameStop stock in order to fend off the Wall Street vultures. And in the process, they created a major and exciting online movement and now everyone is scooping up all sorts of stocks to stick it to the billionaire jerks who have been playing “games” with the market and screwing over the “little guy” for eons now.

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The lines have been drawn. This movement is the “little guy” against the big corporate billionaires, and for better or worse, whatever side you take says a lot about you and your politics…and speaking of “politics” Jimmy Kimmel is back and has thrust himself back into the political arena thanks to the “Wall Street/GameStop” situation, and I don’t think you’ll be too surprised when I tell you that Kimmel is on the side of the billionaire hedge fund owners.

He also thinks that the people who are buying up stocks are actually Russian boogiemen.

This guy needs mental help.

But it gets worse…he even dragged President Trump into the mess. Kimmel’s TDS is off the charts.

Kimmel made the big mistake of slamming former “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, who stood up for the “little guy.”

Kimmel responded to Stewart’s tweet that defended the Redditors (gamers) from the Wall Steet vultures by calling Stewart “President Trump.”

He got pummeled for that, and eventually deleted his tweet, but we’ve got the screenshot.


Take a look at the tweet and watch the video below:

It’s not surprising that the Hollywood elite liberals are siding with the elite liberals on Wall Street.

But it’s not a popular stance, and Kimmel got raked over the coals.

“Jimmy just made a big mistake.”

“Jimmy “Blackface” at it again.”

“He’s shilling for corporate and government overlords…”

“Jimmy is having anothe cuck moment I see. ya gotta know if your hatin on jon stewart prolly one of the few sane democrats with a brain in his head ; you might just be dumb.”

“You’re off base here Kimmel, Jon Stewart is defending us little guys from these crybaby billionaires getting their asses kicked in the market this week.”

“Going from doing blackface Karl Malone bits to being a mouthpiece for Wall Street and the liberal establishment is honestly the worst career trajectory for any entertainer I’ve ever seen.”

“I am shocked that jimmy kimmel of all people would defend billionaire hedge funders with his generic neolib “haha trump” humour SHOCKED”

“That may be the first time the word “entertainer” has been used to describe Kimmel.”

As hard as the Dems try to still be the “party of the people” it’s becoming more clear every day that they’re the party of elites, billionaires, and globalism.


They can’t hide it anymore.



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