Joe Biden: Building Back to the 1860s

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his wife Jill greet supporters as they prepare to board an Amtrak train to begin a campaign train tour in Cleveland, Ohio, September 30, 2020. (Mike Segar/Reuters)

Following President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan announcement, Amtrak — a company that has lost money every year since 1971 — outlined its proposal for using more taxpayer dollars to expand its business.

Here is the proposed map:

The Amtrak plan would be quite impressive if we were living in 1860, didn’t already own increasingly reliable, safe, and comfortable cars, and there weren’t airports in virtually every city on this map. What we should be doing is scaling back this antiquated, slow-moving technology, not sinking billions of dollars into it.

David Harsanyi is a senior writer for National Review and the author of First Freedom: A Ride through America’s Enduring History with the Gun

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