Joe Biden Makes a Fool of Himself and America During "World Climate Change" Meeting

How hard do you think world leaders are laughing over “Bumbling Joe Biden” behind the scenes?


I’d say they’re doubled-over in laughter at this point….and I can’t blame them. While they all laugh, we’re over here crying, wondering how we got into this mess.

Well, we know how: floods of unconstitutional mail-in ballots.

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But, here we are, with a phony “president” who appears to have a really bad case of Dementia, and it seems like every time we turn around, he’s either making a fool of himself, or the United States, or both.

And that’s exactly what happened during the virtual “World Climate Change” meeting, where Joe Biden, the man who has supposedly been “fully vaccinated,” sat, by himself (with no one around him) wearing a mask.


Mind you, he was the ONLY leader on the “Zoom call” who was wearing a mask.


Also, there’s no American flag in the background.



Can you say complete and total weakness?

He looks like a feeble old mess.

Here are some comments about how weak and silly Joe looked:

“Makes it look like Putin’s in charge.”

“Biden wears a mask to hide his mouth. It has nothing to do with the virus. He’s not the one in control in the situation.”

“he heard about computer viruses and wants to be safe”

“Masked on a conference call and no US flag in the background…says it all doesn’t it.”

“Fully vaccinated. At least 6 feet away from anyone. On a video conference. And we’re past his “Dark Winter.” He also appears to be the only leader who doesn’t have his/her country’s flag on screen. Oh well. Can’t do much about it other than roll my eyes & get through the day.”

“The entire world is laughing at us”

“Probably did it to make the ventriloquist’s job easier.”

“They all looking at him like look at this dumb mf”

“The embarrassing part? Even Trudeau is maskless”

“No American flag?”

“They’re laughing at him…. smh”

“What a dunce”


We’re being “led” by a complete and total virtue-signaling buffoon.


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