‘Joe Biden Won’t Stand Up For America’: Tom Cotton Compares Donald Trump And Joe Biden On America First

Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton compared the records of 2020 presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump Thursday, saying that “Joe Biden won’t stand up for America.”

Cotton spoke Thursday evening at the Republican National Convention where he emphasized that the United States will “lead the free world” but is also prepared to “stand alone.”

“Donald Trump understands this,” Cotton said. “He puts America first. That’s why America is safer now than four years ago. But Joe Biden would return us to a weak and dangerous past.”

The Arkansas senator continued: “So, let’s compare the records of Joe Biden and Donald Trump.”

Cotton highlighted that Biden “slashed defense spending again and again,” while “President Trump rebuilt our military—and added the Space Force.”

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“Joe Biden let ISIS terrorists rampage across the Middle East,” he continued. “President Trump eliminated ISIS’s leader—and destroyed its caliphate.”

“Joe Biden opposed the mission to kill Osama bin Laden,” Cotton said. “President Trump avenged the murder of hundreds of Americans by killing Iran’s terrorist mastermind, Qassim Soleimani.”

Cotton compared Biden sending cash to ayatollahs to Trump leaving the “dangerous Iran nuclear deal,” and Biden treating “Israel like a nuisance” to Trump moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and brokering “peace deals in the Middle East.”

“Joe Biden coddled socialist dictators in Cuba and Venezuela,” Cotton said. “President Trump fights against communism—in America’s backyard and around the world.”

Cotton also focused on Biden’s and Trump’s records on the Communist Party of China, saying “there is no comparison.”

“Joe Biden aided and abetted China’s rise for fifty years with terrible trade deals that closed our factories and laid off our workers,” the senator said. “President Trump stands up to China’s cheating, and stealing, and lying.”

“President Trump is clear-eyed about the Chinese threat, and he’s making China pay,” Cotton said. “But China’s not giving up—in fact, they’re rooting for Joe Biden. America’s other enemies won’t give up either. But Joe Biden would be as wrong and weak over the next four years as he has been for the last fifty.”

“We need a president who stands up for America—not one who takes a knee,” he added. “Joe Biden won’t stand up for America. Donald Trump will. So this November, let’s stand with the president and vote to keep America great.”


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