Joe Biden's Disastrous and Humiliating Motorcade Ride in Michigan May Have Cost Him a Crucial House Vote

Tuesday, Joe Biden traveled to Howell, Michigan…and after what unfolded, my guess is that he wishes he would have stayed home in his White House basement.


What a disaster.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Joe Biden Has Meltdown Over Anti-Biden Crowd in Michigan

Joe Biden’s motorcade had a front-row seat to a massive pro-Trump/anti-Biden “rally” on the side of the road, complete with “F Joe Biden” flags, and signs, Trump flags and sign, and people screaming and yelling at Joe Biden.

Here’s a small/tiny taste of the total hell that Biden dealt with:


But this was actually a lot worse than just a bumbling sham “president” sitting in his limo looking at all the people who despise him…what happened in Michigan actually may cost Joe a vote in the House for his disastrous spending bill.

So, how can an anti-Biden roadside “rally” impact Joe’s bill in the House?

Well, turns out that Biden had Dem Rep. Slotkin from Michigan in his car when all of this went down…so she was sitting there watching these hordes of people going crazy against Joe in “real-time” and she told him that she was not a “guaranteed yes vote” on his spending bill.


Here’s what Chad from Fox News said: “From colleague Ed Lawrence. Dem MI Rep Slotkin tells Biden while riding with him in MI she is not a guaranteed yes vote on the social spending bill. Will consider the 2nd pkg when it’s finished”

And here’s what reporter Jeff Carlson said in response: “Looks like the strategy of trying to use a motorcade trip where Biden is being ridiculed mercilessly is a poor form of persuasion.”

I am telling you, everything that Joe Biden touches turns to sh*t.



This guy can’t do anything right…and you can call it fate, or karma, or an act of God, but something out there is making life very hard for Joe Biden, who many believe, cheated his way into the Oval Office.

Payback’s a real, witch, right Joey?

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