John Bolton Just Stabbed His Dem Buddies in the Back Again With This Election Announcement

Well, it looks like the left’s love affair with traitor John Bolton has reached a screeching halt.

Democrats thought that Bolton was officially their “buddy,” even though he stated just a couple months ago that he would not vote for Biden:

From USA Today

As several prominent Republicans endorsed Joe Biden over President Donald Trump on the first night of the Democratic National Convention, the president’s former national security adviser John Bolton said that while he won’t be voting for his old boss, he still won’t cast a ballot for the Democratic nominee.

“This will be the first time in my adult political career when I won’t be voting for the Republican nominee for president,” Bolton told the National Press Club on Tuesday. “I won’t be voting for Joe Biden either.”

Rather, Bolton plans to write in “a Republican conservative yet to be determined.”

“But, I’m very clearly of the view that Donald Trump’s not competent to be president,” Bolton said. “He’s not up to the job.”

Well Bolton just revealed today that indeed is not support Trump or Biden, but instead will be throwing his vote down the toilet with this idiotic move.


What a doofus…

Why even vote at that point?!

Many users on Twitter were just as disgusted with Bolton’s illogical decision:

John Bolton seriously is a piece of work…

Why would you waste the time and energy on writing in a candidate in an election as crucial as this?

Clearly Bolton is beyond petty at this point.

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