John Cusack: ‘I’m Blocking Anyone Who Isn’t Aggressively anti Trump’

For actor John Cusack, politics are thicker than both blood and water. 

According to, he tweeted on September 29 that “I’m blocking anyone who isn’t aggressively anti trump until election is over – sorry no time for your BS.”

Poor Cusack, it must be on account of his delicate feelings. It must be difficult to see a tweet that doesn’t totally bash Trump into the ground with profanity-laden invective. We all know you’re disappointed that Trump wasn’t impeached, but that was never going to happen in the first place.

Come on! “Aggressively anti trump?” Is he trying to be funny? The fact that he’s attempting to insulate himself from the hurtful views of Trump voters, Biden bashers and, of all things, complacent Trump haters, is not only stupid, it’s downright laughable. First he wants to block off those who disagree with him. Then he wants to block off those whose agreement with him isn’t at the right emotional level? New experiences broaden the mind, Cusack. If you aren’t properly informed of both sides of the issue, how can you vote properly? But then again, this is a culture of non-communication over controversial topics. 

Cusack also tweeted, “I’m sure you’ve all been through it with some family co workers – or friends. Those who cannot see or choose not to see what trunp is – we are done talking – permanently”

Come on, Cusack, there’s enough hate and bigotry in the left-wing world already. Why can’t you be like the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg? She was buddies with Antonin Scalia, and their political beliefs were as similar as night and day.

Since when was it commendable for family to be subordinate to politics? Is one’s own opinion so valuable that it’s worth breaking up a relationship for? Ruth Bader Ginsburg didn’t think so, and if she can do it, Cusack can. But he chose to act like the child who covered his ears to block out a parent’s reprimand. 

It would probably be too much to suggest to Cusack that putting friendship above politics would be a good way to honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s memory. Maybe this means that left-wingers don’t admire her person, but just her political stances. Anybody can emulate those. 

To Cusack, politics are thicker than both blood and water, but all three alone are probably thicker than Cusack’s feelings. 

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