John Cusack Sees The Writing on The Wall: Calls DNC ‘Campy,’ ‘Sh*tty’ Convention

Apparently not all lefties in Hollywood are brainwashed enough to refuse to call one of the most boring and cringeworthy political events in modern history exactly what it is. 

High Fidelity actor John Cusack ran out of patience for the DNC’s boring, cheesy and lackluster presentation on August 20, admitting that it’s not good enough to beat even our “shitty” reality TV president. Geez, those are some scathing words. 

Of course, Cusack, an enthusiastic Bernie Sanders supporter, was presumably still annoyed at the fact that Sanders wasn’t the eventual presidential nominee. The kitschy, kumbaya BS that the Dems have been putting on display for the last four days seemed to really send him over the edge. Several of his tweets from August 20 revealed his fear that perhaps this cycle’s DNC was as bad as conservatives have been saying.

Toward the end of Thursday’s installment, Cusack admitted how stupid it all seemed to him. Blasting the Democrat party, he tweeted, “Do ya think anyone at  dnc  entertained the idea – in removing a shitty reality tv star President –  ya might want to avoid presenting a slightly less shitty -but unmistakable Campy kitsch and yes shitty celebrity filled reality tv convention?”

Well, that’s a mouthful. So the DNC is only “slightly less” bad than Trump? That, coming from Bernie bro Cusack, is quite the indictment of the event.

Cusack added, “This might not be a good idea?” Well, plenty of the things showcased at the DNC were never a good idea. The worst and most comical of which was Pose actor Billy Porter’s extremely tacky and awkward rendition of “For What It’s Worth” with Stephen Stills which followed Michelle Obama’s speech. That was “campy kitsch” if we’ve ever seen it.

In a subsequent tweet, Cusack blasted the vapidity of the event again, writing, “It’s all showbiz-   all the time. RIP America.” Well, he’s not too impressed clearly.

Of course, the idea that Michael Bloomberg could even be speaking at the same event as Bernie Sanders set Cusack off even more. How could a billionaire even contribute his ideas to a progressive party whose rabid base wants to tax the hell out of the rich? Cusack tweeted, “Glad there is a point – I know dems want to talk about gender race & at all cost avoid CLASS. So we get benevolent billionaire Bloomberg the high priest of neoliberalism talking shit.”

Still, the actor fell in line after Biden’s speech, because who else can he support to beat Drumpf? He wrote, “I will do anything to vote Trump out / end trump gop deathkkult reign” and in a more recent tweet, added, “Let’s all enjoy the thought of Biden winning and as a nation  fighting back trump fascism & 1 st day in office make them deliver new deal for us -.”

Fine, but for the record, even some lefties know their convention was absolute garbage. We agree, John.

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