Journalist Paul Sperry Says His Sources Uncovered Face Behind "Military Hit Piece" on Trump...People Now Calling for His Resignation

It will come as no shock to anyone that Biden was behind the military hit piece on Trump…But it’s the other guy involved, that’s what has many people outraged.

According to investigative journalist Paul Sperry, his sources on The Hill suspect that Biden used disgraced “reporter” Jeffry Goldberg from the Atlantic to run the story and Rep. Conor Lamb to amplify it and try and bring “credibility” to it since he’s a former Marine.

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The goal of the hit piece was to try and curtail military absentee ballots for Trump.

Here’s what Sperry said in last night’s tweet: “BREAKING: Hill Republicans suspect disputed anonymous story re Trump disrespecting fallen war vets was planted by Biden campaign: Biden used The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg pal Rep Conor Lamb (D-PA, Marine major) to amplify story. Goal: blunting military absentee ballots for Trump”

Outrage was swift, and many people are calling for Conor Lamb to resign.

We all know politics is dirty, but what the Dems do, from Kavanaugh to COVID, to riots, and now this is a whole never level of scumbaggery.


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