Joy Behar Admits Biden Has 'Nothing to Gain' From More Debates; 'Stay Away!'

Thursday’s The View opened with the show hosts scoffing at President Trump for saying Joe Biden might skip the debates, even though the media have been pushing this all week. 

After playing a clip from a Wednesday night rally of Trump suggesting this, Whoopi Goldberg exploded:

“What is he talking about? Nobody’s talking about canceling the damn debate. What is wrong with him? I don’t get it,” she mocked. As Joy Behar called Trump a “liar,” Whoopi added, “He can’t help it. He hopes his mouth and b.s. falls out!”

Has she turned on the television lately? Just about every media outlet has suggested Biden skip the next debates. To make matters more awkward, Whoopi’s own co-host advocated this immediately afterwards. And Whoopi set up the question!

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: You don’t think Biden should show up to the debates, Joy, anymore? Is that true? 

JOY BEHAR: Yes. I don’t think he should do it. I think he should stay away. Joe Biden has nothing to gain from this. It’s a fiasco. It gives Trump a platform to lie, to give dog whistles to his base, to sort of instruct them to be violent in this very sort of semi — semi-subtle way I’ll say. There’s absolutely nothing–Joe Biden is too much of a gentleman to be talking on the same page with this neanderthal. Look what happened the other night when Trump attacks his son. Biden could have gone after him and talked about Ivanka the consultant, but he did not do that because he’s a gentleman. Americans have seen enough. We don’t need to see anymore. If you are still undecided out there, you need to see a shrink. You need to see a shrink.

Of course no bad performance from Biden will change the minds of hard-core leftists like Joy Behar. But this just ends up sounding like a bunch of excuses to protect the Democrat from scrutiny, especially by admitting Biden had “nothing to gain” from these debates.

The hosts went on to complain about Trump’s valid concerns about voter fraud with mail-in ballots. They actually argued that the United States Postal Service, which is about as hated a government agency as the DMV, has never had problems with losing mail before Louis DeJoy became the Postmaster General this past May. Joy Behar hysterically claimed Trump is only scared of losing the election because he’ll have to go to jail.

Whoopi also falsely claimed President Trump appointed DeJoy:

WHOOPI: You know, we’re having all these crazy things throughout the states where people are getting, you know, their voting ballots sent to their homes and they open the ballots and they got somebody else’s name on it. Is it because we have such a mess at the post office since he’s put the new guy in? Because I don’t remember this ever happening like this before. 

JOY BEHAR: No. We never had that problem. 

WHOOPI: Only since him. Only suddenly–No. We didn’t have a problem. I don’t understand. So this is very messy to me. 

BEHAR: It was the easiest thing. It was the easiest thing to do if everybody just voted. 

WHOOPI: You were about to make a point. 

BEHAR: Everybody voted. The point I was going to make is that first he says voting by mail is a fraud. Then he says voting in person is bad. So how would he like us to vote? By carrier pigeon? 

SARA HAINES: He doesn’t want you to vote at all, Joy. [giggles]

BEHAR: He needs to move to Russia where the only vote that counts is Putin’s. That’s what he needs to do. Would he like us to put it in a bottle and put it in the ocean maybe and sail it out to the voting booths? I mean, what would he like us to do? He’s a liar. He only wants to win because he’s scared to go to jail. Americans, remember what I’m telling you right now. Those undecided voters, he doesn’t want to go to jail. That’s all he cares about. 

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