Kamala Goes to “Wrong Border” State, and Ted Cruz Wastes No Time Mocking Her

Senator Ted Cruz wasted no time piling on and mocking Kamala after she was berated for “going to the wrong border state.”

It all happened when Kamala showed up in New Hampshire – which bodes Canada.


The New Hampshire Republican Party welcomed Kamala to the state by telling her she was at the wrong border.

Here’s what they said in their tweet:

“Welcome to the #WrongBorder, VP Kamala Harris! As you travel over 2,300 miles away from El Paso, our country would be better served with an official visit to our southern border, not a campaign trip for Maggie Hassan.”

In a statement, New Hampshire GOP chair Stephen Stepanek said that the vice president’s decision-making made no sense.

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“Vice President Kamala Harris would serve our nation better by tackling the crisis at our southern border instead of campaigning with Maggie Hassan near our northern border,” he said.

Well, Ted thinks he’s figured out the real reason why Kamala Harris, who’s supposed to be in charge of the southern U.S. border crisis, keeps visiting the “wrong” borders.

Here’s what he said:

“GPS got confused….”

Yep, I think he’s onto something…

But that wasn’t it. He actually zinged her again – Ted was on a roll:

“Montreal is going to invade.”


It’s a funny joke here, but it’s truly insulting to the American people that Joe and his sidekick are this disinterested in the humanitarian crisis at the border, after having to hear them piss and moan for 4 years over Trump’s border, which wasn’t nearly as chaotic.

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