Kamala Harris Will Blow It During the SCOTUS Nomination Hearing, Count On It!

Sen. Kamala Harris proves that we need a constitutional amendment that says if you hold an elected position and decide to run for a different position, you must RESIGN your current position first.

Why should we pay any congressperson, governor, etc., their salary and benefits while off campaigning for an entire year?

THAT is what the public wants.


With that said, we learned during the 2020 VP debates that Harris will be participating in the nomination hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett next week. We will learn much about Harris during this hour. This will be better than any negative campaign ad; Trump’s team could put out. I think Amy will do quite well against Harris. And since she was clear last night about her and Joe’s religious faith, she might want to leave that out of her interrogation lest it is used against her and Joe.

Barrett has been described as one of the brightest legal minds ever, so it should be easy work. I am confident that Barrett will talk circles around Harris to the point it will be laughable. All Harris will do is make Republicans and Independent voters, and maybe even some Democrats angry.

Most Democrats have already said they will vote against the ACB confirmation. So please tell me, Mitch, why are you having hearings? You aren’t required to by the constitution. Being “polite” to Dems is just an opportunity for Dems to be nasty to Amy. And Americans don’t need to see a repeat of what they did to Kavanaugh to know how dishonest and nasty they are. Just take the vote.

I know this needs to be done, but the Democrats are always finding a way around legislation to make things work, so why can’t the Republicans. I bet, if they really wanted to do it, they would do it.

Actually, a spotlight on Harris is exactly what is needed. Guaranteed she will say something and act in such a manner as to repulse a lot of people and give many serious voters cause for concern about having her one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Harris used a well-known fishing expedition when she asked then-Judge Brett Kavanaugh about his law firm conversation. She knew that would throw him off balance and cause him to lose his train of thought while shaking him up about who he might have talked to. Harris has never explained her actions and will probably pull a similar stunt when browbeating Amy Barrett. Can you imagine Harris being VP and a heartbeat away from being president?


Kamala might have been California’s Attorney General, but she definitely has no leadership skills. The legal staff in her AG office prepared all her briefs and filed all documents. Harris only knows how to run her mouth. She’s no leader. Willie Brown handed the prosecutor’s job to Harris in San Francisco. Jerry Brown handed Harris her AG position. Harris has not won anything on her own.

In November, I will be voting a straight GOP ticket. The Democrats have made themselves the party of anti-police, anti-America, and pro-communism. They have not criticized the rioting, looting, arson, and violent attacks on police and peaceful citizens. I expect public officials is to keep communities safe and functioning under the rule of law.

I have a lot of other issues with the current insane version of the Democratic Party, which guarantees my vote against every Democrat on the ballot. Will you be joining me?



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