Kamala's New "Personality Makeover" By Her Crisis PR Team Backfires Spectacularly

Kamala Harris is trying to be a new woman, thanks to her crisis PR team, who are tasked with revamping her personality and persona to actually try and make her a likable person.


Impossible, right?

Kamala has all of the likeability of “Hillary Clinton.”

There’s a reason why Kamala had to drop out of the Dem primary so early – nobody liked her or wanted her representing them – yet even so, here we are with her and that bumbling idiot Joe.

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So, Kamala is still not liked – not a big surprise – so she and her team hired crisis PR groups to come in and give her a “personalty makeover,” and so far, I can tell you that it’s not going over very well.

It’s very easy to see what they’re trying to do here – they’re trying to make Kamala seem more feminine, and “motherly” – even though Kamala doesn’t have any biological children of her own, they’re still trying to emphasize that warmer/maternal side of her – which was a really bad idea, because she’s not a good actress.

They put Kamala in soft pastels, used a soft light for filming, surrounded her with kids, and placed her in a “Mr. Rogers” situation where she and the kids learn and discover stuff together.

It’s ghastly. It’s like watching a serial killer do a PSA on personal safety techniques.


Take a look at this 14-second clip (trust me, it’s about all you’ll be able to stomach at this point):

Needless to say, the personality redo isn’t going over very well – as a matter of fact, Kamala is getting ruthlessly mocked.

“Horrible and creepy!”

“The harder she tries the cringer it gets.”

“Looks like she’s planning on leading the children into a gingerbread house”

“Most people would really have to work hard to come across as awkward and as tone deaf as she does routinely.”

“Makes Hillary look authentic”

“Is she doing a Dick Van Dyke imitation with those arms?”

“She needs to fire her new pr firm”

“She’s so animated – like being greeted by Snow White at Disneyland”

“Has she ever seen children before?”

“She’s so transparently fake, it’s almost like she tries to be like this.”

“Why are they all color coordinated?”

I can answer that last question, having come from a PR/Marketing background.

This is very much a “show” that is being put on, from the scripted talking, the plot, and the look and feel of the set.


They’re setting the mood here with a very calm and relaxing palette of blues, to create a very tranquil and serene “Kamala” feel.

Of course, the team places the black child in vibrant purple – from the color code of the Black Panthers?

Either way, everything you see here is completely staged and fake and very, very contrived…and Americans know it.

Once again, the Dems are playing 90’s failed politics in 2021…when will they ever learn?


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