Kanye West, Amy Coney Barrett, and the Urgency of Prioritizing Foster Care and Adoption

Speaking of orphans: Kanye West — not for the first time — referenced the high abortion rates in the black community in a tweet. Reading through the responses is a groping-in-darkness kind of experience, the vast majority seeming to be angry that he would go there. The other day, I saw a woman screaming expletives from the pits of hell because she saw two older women praying outside an abortion clinic, one of them with a sign “Pray for an end to abortion.” Reading the responses was a little like that scene. But this one in particular is important:

The cause of getting every child a home must be a priority for people regardless of politics. The morning after Election Day, there will be an adoption case before the Supreme Court. The only reason it has to be is because of ideologues on the left insisting that people of traditional faith not be involved in adoption and foster care without putting their conscience aside. That’s unacceptable. That’s not religious liberty. But that’s the kind of lunacy that the Amy Barrett confirmation is exposing. The Democrats are being careful about going after her faith directly so far today in the hearings, but it’s been clear before and in some of the media coverage.

And for conservatives, pro-lifers, people of faith: Foster care and adoption must be a priority. Every Church community should find was to foster a culture of foster care and adoption. No adult should have to tweet what that person tweeted today. Not because he was aborted, but because he is part of a family.

Let the presence of the Barrett family — and the attacks on her adoptions — light a flame under us all to help vulnerable children and insist every child be in a home, by rallying around them as the Bible tells us to.

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