Kanye’s Tweet of Him Urinating on His Grammy Gets More Views Than the NBA Playoff’s

Well if this doesn’t wake up the NBA then I don’t know what will.

Thanks to their over-the-top “woke” culture, more and more Americans are tuning out of NBA games.

As a matter of fact, the ratings for the playoffs have fallen incredibly low:

From Sports Media Watch

Airing directly opposite NBC’s Sunday Night Football, Game 2 of the NBA Western Conference Finals (Nuggets-Lakers) averaged a 1.75 rating and 3.17 million viewers on TNT — marking the league’s smallest conference final audience since Pistons-Nets Game 4 on ESPN in 2003 (2.72M). No other conference final game since at least 2001 has averaged fewer viewers.

The football competition (10.0, 17.69M) was the clear culprit in Sunday’s low. Game 1 on Friday averaged a healthier 2.6 and 4.92 million, ranking third for the playoffs behind Nuggets-Clippers Game 7 on ESPN last Tuesday (3.1, 5.23M) and Rockets-Lakers Game 2 on ABC over Labor Day weekend (2.9, 5.43M).

Both games declined considerably from last year, with Game 2 down 63% in ratings and 60% in viewership from Blazers-Warriors on a Thursday night in May last year (4.7, 7.88M). Friday’s drop was not as severe, but ratings still fell 42% and viewership a third from last year’s Tuesday night opener (4.5, 7.32M).

And just to put these numbers really in perspective for you, the video Kanye West posted of him urinating on his Grammy has more views then all the playoff games put together thus far.

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Here’s the video that’s producing better numbers than the multi-billion dollar NBA:

It’s pretty sad when a video of a man peeing on an award is viewed more than an event that athletes have trained all their lives for.

This is yet again another lesson that both the NBA and the NFL just need to set politics aside and play their darn game.

People watch them for what they do best: sports.

Not for their riveting commentary on current events.

When will these people get that through their skull?

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