Karl Rove Appeared on Fox And Accidentally Revealed GOP's Plot to "Silence Trump"

Disgraced Republican “strategist” Karl Rove appeared on Fox News where he accidentally let the GOP establishment’s plan to silence Trump slip out.


Rove went on Fox to “warn” President Trump that he will likely be convicted in the Senate by a ‘bipartisan vote” if he keeps claiming the election was stolen.

Well, well, well, that sounds like a threat and a “plot” to me…

Traitor Mitch McConnell is reportedly keeping an “open mind” about this impeachment…Again, sounds like a veiled threat, right?

Rove thinks Mitch has enough sway to get 17 Republicans to vote for impeachment.

Here’s what Rove said:

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“…I think Leader McConnell’s statement is a sign that every Republican Senator needs to take this seriously. I think it’s all going to boil down what’s the president’s defense….”

So, now we know that the GOP is playing a little “quid pro quo” game with President Trump…You don’t bring up “fraud” and we won’t impeach you.

That same game is playing out with the possible Assange pardon as well, according to OANN. They’re dangling that over Trump’s head as well, to keep him from pardoning Julian.

Well, that’s all nice and dandy, but do these Senators realize that if they make a move against President Trump we the people will burn the entire political party to the ground and dance in the ashes?

Yoohoo…Did they forget about us?


And to really nail home what a fraud and slime ball Rove truly is, he goes on to say how Trump was given every opportunity to prove fraud in a court of law and have failed to do so.

Total bull crap.


That never happened – nobody was given a fair shake and that’s why Americans are so pissed off  – and everyone knows it.

But Rove is doing what he’s paid to do, go on his friendly Fox News traitorous channel and push BS stories like this to “scare” President Trump.


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