Karma Just Gave Juan Williams a Taste of His Own Medicine

We all know Juan Williams as the liberal we love to hate on Fox News.

He’s truly one of the most pompous, self-righteous hosts on television.


As far as Juan is concerned, his opinion is absolute, and anyone who challenges it is an un-informed dummy.

But this time the tables have turned and now it’s Juan who’s feeling the sting of rejection.

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According to reports, PBS has uninvited Juan as part of a new show they’re doing on race inequality.

Needless to say, Juan isn’t happy.

From The Hill

Fox News contributor Juan Williams blasted a PBS host, claiming the journalist invited and then disinvited him to a discussion about race on a news program because of his Panamanian heritage.

During an acceptance speech at the CultureX Awards, Williams stated that the he was initially invited to speak at PBS’s “This Is America & the World” on issues of racial injustice and unrest following the death of George Floyd. The show is a weekly international affairs television series produced in Washington, D.C., New York and other places around the world.

“Recently, Fox got a request for me to do an interview for a PBS show. The host of that show wanted to talk about the last year of protests for racial justice that began with the death of George Floyd, who, as you’ll recall, died after a policeman kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes,” Williams, who is also a contributor to The Hill, said.

“Yeah, I was born in Panama. It’s also true that I have lived in the USA since age 4,” Williams said. “And it’s also true that my dad is a Black man. He was born in Jamaica. My mom is a woman born in Panama to a father from India and a mother of African descent who was born in the Caribbean.”

The journalist and author went on to cite his extensive work spanning more than 30 years covering race issues in America for major media outlets such as The Washington Post and his biography of the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.

“When that PBS host decided that I was the wrong voice to discuss civil rights, he rejected someone who knows a lot about the subject,” Williams said.


Juan is not a “civil rights” expert. He’s a “race-baiting” expert.

He says outrageous and really stupid things, that often-times make no sense.

He’s around to “inflame” conservatives – and in the end, he always gets shredded by his co-hosts on “The Five.”

I’m certainly no fan of PBS, but they made the right move here.


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