Kellyanne Conway Made a Brief Return to Politics Just to Drop a "Political Nuke" on Biden's Head

The new jobs report just came out today and it was a beauty for President Trump.

He’s an economic freight train that just can’t be stopped.

Trump’s economy added 1.4 million jobs, and the unemployment rate dropped to 8.4%. This is stunning, especially during a pandemic. It was only 3 months ago that the economy was at nearly 15% unemployment.

This is a huge blow to Democrats, whose theme is “Build Back Stronger.”

However, what Kellyanne Conway just dropped, completely destroyed that entire idea to smithereens.

As you know, Kellyanne Conway recently left politics to tend to her troubled daughter, Claudia, who has been having dramatic meltdowns on social media.

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However, she reappeared today, in order to drop a damning political nuke right on Joe Biden’s shaky old head.

Look at this…

The August 2020 unemployment rate is 8.4% – during a pandemic.

Now, let’s look back at August 2012, when Joe Biden and Barack Obama were heading into their SECOND term…

The August 2012 unemployment rate was 8.1% – with no pandemic.

What a BLISTERING rebuke of Biden and his ability to “build back better,” right?

I mean, it’s laughable to suggest that Sleepy Joe would ‘build back better.’

Below is the tweet Kellyanne shared.

Thank you, Kellyanne for coming back and dropping that beauty.

It says it all, doesn’t it? If you want to build this country back to greatness you go with the guy who has done it TWICE in less than 4 years, not the guy who failed to do it for 8 years.


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