Kellyanne Conway Shreds Media For Fueling Her Daughters' Conspiracy Theories About Trump in One Blistering Tweet

The media are like sharks swimming in chum-filled waters right now.

And they’re feverishly feeding off of a 15-year-old troubled teenager in order to push their twisted and deranged Trump conspiracy theories.

Claudia Conway, Kellyanne’s emotionally troubled daughter is once again using her social media account to gain attention, lash out, and rebel against her parents.


Last night she posted a wild Trump conspiracy theory. She claims that she found out from her mom that President Trump is actually “gravely sick” and doctors are fighting to stabilize him.


This conspiracy was floated after he arrived back at the White House and delivered a message to the American people. Of course, liberals jumped on board with this nonsense and started feeding on it like rabid animals.

Here’s what podcaster Tim Pool had to say about a recent Brian Stelter tweet, claiming there’s a “coverup” regarding Trump’s health.

“Brian Stelter has gone full Alex Jones He is now claiming, without evidence, that there is a government conspiracy involving not just Trump but Walter Reed medical staff These people have finally snapped”

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It’s hard to say what the conspiracy is, it’s all over the map, but the mentally ill media is now claiming there is some massive “coverup” going on with Trump’s health – but of course, CNN is leading the way spreading the lies.

Actual journalists are now getting involved in the parenting of someone else’s child and suggesting that Claudia is some kind of “hostage” being fed words and treated poorly by her mother.

These people are absolutely insane and dangerously cruel.

Here’s what one yahoo from “Business Insider” had to say:

“The debate around the coverage of Claudia Conway is interesting considering Kellyanne is literally putting out messages via her daughter’s Tiktok. Here you can hear her instructing Claudia what to say via TikTok…”


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“In the next video Kellyanne proceeds to yell at Claudia Conway for a previous post”

Personally, I’m not sure why Kellyanne and dopey George haven’t just taken away this child’s phone and grounded her and placed her in some kind of therapy.

Kellyanne also tested positive for COVID as did her daughter, according to reports.

Things have become a complete and total insane feeding frenzy, and once again liberals are using and abusing children to push their twisted agenda.

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Kellyanne finally took to Twitter to address the situation and call out liberals for their feeding frenzy in a blistering tweet.

Here’s what she said: “My daughter, Claudia, is beautiful & brilliant. She has access to top doctors & health care & lives comfortably Like all of you, she speculates on social media Yet she’s 15 You are adults We have COVID, but it’s clear who’s really sick”

Yes, Kellyanne, we definitely know who are the “sick” ones around here.

You can heal from COVID, but you can’t heal from Stage 5 Trump Derangement Syndrome.


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