Kid Rock Showed Up at the Debate and Pulled a Move That’ll Majorly Trigger Liberals

Kid Rock showed up at tonight’s debate and boy did he make an entrance.

The Detroit rocker really got under liberals skin when he showed up without at mask.


Oh the horror!

He was also accompanied by professional golfer John Daly, who was also maskless.

Check it out:

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And liberals online are, of course, losing their minds:

“Isn’t Daly ill? Dude needs a mask!”

“Is somebody proud of this?”

“lol the looks on their faces says this is the first time they’ve ever worn masks”

“That’s just dumb.”

“Kick him out. He is not properly masked. @debates”

“Lol, I’m infecting people”

“It goes over your nose, @KidRock”

Good lord these people just love their masks.

It’s like a religion to them now and also another way for them to lord something over the rest of us peasants.

It’s like the new climate change.

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