Kids React to Justin Trudeau’s Infamous ‘Black Face’ and The 'Twist' is Hilarious

It’s time to take a break from laughing at Biden and crying for our country and look over at our Canadian neighbors for a chuckle or two.


As we all know, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a track record of humiliation that could give ol’ Joe a run for his money – and one of his most cringeworthy moments was when his “blackface” past was revealed.

And we all know that Justin has blackened his face many, many times over.

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And now we all get to relive at least one of them, thanks to this hilarious clip where kids react to Trudeau’s ultimate shame.

What a great concept this is, kids are so brutally honest, but I think it’s the *twist* that will make you really chuckle and be very surprised.

Watch the video:


Absolutely hilarious!

Did you see that one coming?

Of course, it’s actually a video of kids watching Kiss’ Gene Simmons, who sports a similar, but less disturbing look than Justin.

Here’s how some adults on Twitter reacted to this brilliant edit:

“You’re a damn artist Jinx. Wonderful job🤘. This makes me feel like I’m watching an old Faces Of Death video. Like I should look away… but I can’t. It’s fascinating in a fucked up way. Great job dude.”

“Kids really do say the darndest things”

“this can’t be real💀💀😭😭😭”

“Lmao at the demon persona”

They seriously need to get these kids reacting to crazy politicians.

Lord knows they’d have plenty of material with crazy ol’ Joe.

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