Kirstie Alley’s Trump Election Tweet Just Went Mega Viral and Sent Liberals Into a Frenzy

Kirstie Alley is seriously a boss.

She literally doesn’t give two hoots about her liberal colleagues and declares her intense support for Trump on a daily basis.


Like today she issued this scorching tweet where she outlined why she’s voting for Trump again in

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And liberals are absolutely losing it.

“I mean he tanked the economy 3 times like the business his dad gave him so idk how he’s gonna turn this around”

“Seriously, name one positive accomplishment?”

“I stopped watching Cheers because you were not Diane.”

“If he was able to do anything GOOD, he would have done it by now.”

“Cool, you share political views with David Duke and the Taliban. Well done, champ. ?“

“What exactly has he done? I’ll wait.”

“This is satire right.”

“Wow….. just…… ulgh.”


They’re soooo triggered.

It’s so sad to see the left meltdown over just one twitter post.

Just imagine how bad they’re going to react when Trump’s reelected in just another month?

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