Lancaster Protesters Caught on Hot Mic Saying Don't Focus on Suspects Past...Even Though He's Accused of Stabbing 4 People

There are riots happening right now in Lancaster, PA. over the death of a man by the name of Ricardo Munoz.

Bodycam footage shows Mr. Munoz was shot as he lunged at police officers with a giant knife.

You watch the video below (warning graphic):

In an ironic and tragic twist of fate, Mr. Munoz was out on bail and awaiting trial on charges that he stabbed 4 people, including a 16-year-old, who was stabbed in the face and torso, when he attempted to attack the police officer with a knife.

And now, the city of Lancaster is burning, as BLM fights for their latest “civil rights hero.”

I guess the Dems and BLM just expect cops to just surrender their lives when a bad guy is coming at them…I guess we need to make sure these criminals can live to pillage another day.

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Yes, that sounds stupid, but that’s pretty much where we’re at now. And speaking of “stupid,” some protesters in Lancaster were actually caught on a “hot mic” discussing how it’s not a good idea to focus on Mr. Munoz’s past…”So, he stabbed people,” — who cares?

You can watch the video below:


Look, let’s be honest, BLM doesn’t care if the person they’re rioting for stabbed 100 people, okay? This has nothing to do with Mr. Floyd, or Mr. Blake, or Mr. Munoz.

This is about a Marxist hate group clawing for power, control, and a slice of the pie, and they’ll take it any way that they can get it.

And the Dems and corporate America and sports teams have saddled themselves up with this hate group, and they will all pay a very big price for that.


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