Latest Disturbing Twist Poses Headache For WH As Well

Those “fugitive Democrats” from Texas are not having the time of their lives.


As a matter of fact, that little PR stunt they tried to pull off has backfired so badly, it’s almost as if Karma has stepped in and said “Not today, commies…”

From arrest threats to being told they have to pay back the $221 dollar-a-day “fun bucks” to the massive backlash, things are likely not going as they had planned.

But just when you think it can’t get worse for this bungling bunch of misfits, the entire bottom falls out, and takes the WH down, too.

It all happened when word came down that three of the Texas Dems just tested positive for COVID.

Yes, that’s a bummer, but it actually gets even worse – and this is where the WH gets involved…

All three of the Dems who now have COVID, are vaccinated.


I don’t think I need to explain why this is bad for the WH, but for anyone wondering why it’s pretty simple, actually.

We’re at an impasse right now in this country, where a large swath of the American public has lost faith in the so-called “experts” and also our supposed “leaders.”

We’ve gotten a lot of mixed messages, and flip-flopping on this virus, and a lot of people suspect that much of the COVID push is political.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Texas AG Paxton Shares Update On The No-Win Situation For Democrat “Fugitives”

As a result, many people don’t trust what’s coming out of DC about the vaccine. And it would appear that the mistrust is causing vaccine numbers to dip.

We know for a fact that a whopping 15 million Americans never went back to get their second shot.

Washington Post reported that nearly 15 million people — or more than one in 10 of those eligible in the United States — have missed their second dose of the coronavirus vaccine, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CDC data shows that as of June 16, nearly 11 percent of people who had sufficient time to get the second dose missed their ideal window. The number has increased from 8 percent earlier in the year, but CDC spokesperson Kate Fowlie said the rise was “not unexpected.”


You can sense that there’s some level of panic going on in the WH – likely because Biden will fall short of his “vaccine goals.”

Biden announced the “door knocking” campaign, where “activist groups” will come to your house to discuss the vaccine. And just yesterday, Jen Psaki said that the WH is directing Facebook to “delete” certain posts that they claim spread “misinformation” about the vaccine. Biden also blurted out that Facebook is “killing people.”


But there’s a lot of questions about this vaccine – and that’s okay – the government is asking us to inject it into our bodies and we should have questions – LOTS of them.

And now, after three vaccinated Dems just tested positive, we’ll all have a lot more questions, won’t we?


And that’s the last thing the WH wants, especially at a time when they’re trying to argue that “everything is okay,” and the only misinformation out there is on the “other” side.

Well, after this mess, that really doesn’t seem to be true, does it?

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