Latest Poll From American Truckers Shows Mandate Would Be “Catastrophic” to the US

The 5th circuit court of appeals stepped in and did this country a huge favor by halting Biden’s highly unconstitutional vaccine mandate. After this happened, the reckless, radical, and lawless Biden admin put out a statement urging companies to continue implementing the mandate, even though the court said no. This is how badly. Joe Biden and his commie cronies want Americans to lose their jobs over a vaccine that doesn’t work as a “vaccine” should.


But yesterday, OSHA rained all over Biden’s parade, when they issued a statement announcing they will stop any further work on implementing this middle-class killing mandate, so that brings Biden’s plan to a screeching halt, for now. The issue will now go before the 6th circuit court of appeals – a majority conservative court – for a ruling.

In the meantime, we’re hearing how catastrophic this mandate could be if it’s allowed to start up again.

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A new survey from the Trucking Association found that nearly 40 percent of truck drivers said “HELL NO” to any vaccine mandate.

Not just “no,” they said “HELL NO.”

And this has nothing to do with being “anti-vax,” because these drivers have been moving the vaccine in trucks across the nation. They just don’t want to be forced to take THIS vaccine.

The Trucking Association CEO said that if this mandate happens, and these drivers leave their job instead of taking the vaccine, it will be catastrophic to the American people. If we think the supply chain is bad now, just wait until something like this happens and it looks and feels like we’re living in Venezuela and you can’t get insulin, or diapers, or food for you or your pet, among a zillion other things.


The thing is, Joe Biden, and his commie cohorts don’t care. These politicians have a mindset of “punishing” people who don’t agree with them or who push back.

Obama was the same way. He “punished” the people who didn’t align with him – and none of what we’re seeing now should be a surprise since this is “Obama’s 3rd term” and he and the same goons who ran his White House are running the Joe Biden “White House.”

And they want us to live with less. That’s part of their whole “Green New Deal,” plan. The elites will have lavish homes and live however they want, while the masses of peasants will live like paupers.


This is a very “communist” way to think and act, and they’re betting that they can break the American people… I am hoping they can’t, because once they see they can “break us” it’s all over.

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