Lebanon, Amy Coney Barrett, Singing Friars & More: Ten Things That Caught My Eye Today -- September 24, 2020

1. Habib Malik: Lebanon, Both Free and Hostage

2. Russia Seizes Kremlin Critic Navalny’s Apartment


4. Don’t treat children like consumer goods

5. Notre Dame profs push back on Amy Coney Barrett portrayals: Not just ‘an ideological category’

6. Laura Wolk: What I Learned From Amy Coney Barrett: 

I went on to succeed that semester and, by God’s grace, to become the first blind woman to clerk on the Supreme Court. The warmth and compassion that Judge Barrett has shown me on so many occasions flow from the same wellspring of faith for which she is now so excoriated. The ease with which she donates her time and energy to serving others comes from years of loving the Lord with her entire heart, mind, and strength, and loving her neighbor as herself. And for a young, disabled woman like me struggling to find my footing and place in this world, that faith has made all the difference.

7. Andrea Picciotti-Bayer: Cancel Culture College Administrators Put on Notice

8. Erika Bachiochi in America: What I will teach my children about Ruth Bader Ginsburg

9. Fr. Matt Malone in America: We Need to Recover the Sense of Fun in Politics 

As a lifelong political junkie, I have a long list of places and events at which I would love to have been a fly on the wall. The journey of the L.B.J. Special nears the top of the list. This frenetic, passionate barnstorm through the backroads and hamlets of rural America was U.S. politics at its best. Sure, there were some tricks involved, some sleight of hand, as well as partisan hyperbole and overly sentimental populist appeals. But that is also the sort of stuff that made the whole spectacle not just effective but entertaining.


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