LeBron James Cheers MLB For Leaving GA Over Voter Law, and Gets Instantly Clobbered

Is there a week that goes by that King Woke doesn’t step in some kind of muck?

LeBron James doesn’t know if he wants to be a basketball player or a member of ANTIFA – he’s just so woke and ready to fight…problem is, he’s always on the wrong end of everything.


Think about it is that LeBron is a low-info, political dolt who fancies himself to be a “Rhodes Scholar.” LeBron is such a flaming narcissist that he doesn’t even know how dopey he sounds.

How can you rally against America and claim all this “injustice” when you’re literally working for China? A communist country that treats their citizens like absolute garbage – but beyond that – they imprison, abuse and even murder their citizens. And LeBron doesn’t say anything because all that China money allows him to build his 100th infinity pool.

The hypocrisy is not just “sickening,” it’s evil.

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And now, LeBron is cheering on the MLB for caving to the “woke left” and pulling the “Allstar Game” out of Atlanta – all because LeBron doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand how a new voter bill works. LeBron is a zombie, he just listens to what people tell him…he’s obviously incapable of reading something on his own. So much for that “Rhodes Scholar” status.

LeBron is thrilled that tens of thousands of Americans will lose money, all because of fake news and twisted sports politicizing. Trust me, there’s a reason why these guys dribble a ball, and don’t make laws.

And what does LeBron care? He will still have all his China money.

From BBC

The US professional baseball league has said it will pull the 2021 All-Star Game and the Draft out of Georgia in protest of a restrictive voting law in the state.

Major League Baseball “fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box,” the Commissioner of Baseball Robert D. Manfred, Jr said.

A new host city has not been announced.


Oh, and speaking of China…guess who’s also getting in on the China money?

Yep, the MLB.

LeBron took to Twitter where he announced that he’s “proud” to be part of the “MLB family” today…and boy did he get clobbered…and rightfully so.

Here are some of the comments:

“King James could give two craps about the black businesses in ATL.”

“36 other states require voting ID, how come you’re not up in arms about them?”

“none of these athletes actually pay attention to politics. They just hop on trends.”

“I got to show id to get a beer at game to support you. But outrageous to show id to vote!

“I had to show my ID to pick up my Lakers tickets at the Staples center will call. Racist”

“How exactly is moving the allstar game from ATL going to change politicians minds? All it does is punish the people of ATL as if they haven’t already”

“So many minority owned businesses are missing out on the money
from the all star game in and around Atlanta!  Why would you care about that? Just exhausting.”

“Plenty of black people in Atlanta do not appreciate this. All the black stadium employees, black owned businesses, and black employees in surrounding areas all lose income because of this. Well done.”

What we’re seeing now is the left’s full-court press to make sure voter ID doesn’t get passed in states that they need in the future.

The thing about this is – the Dems would rather bankrupt a state and millions of Americans than lose the chance to cheat in another election.

Man, they are evil.

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