LeBron James Just Got Kicked In The "Space Balls" After His New Movie Debut

LeBron James better not quit his day job.


It doesn’t look like he’ll be making the shift from whiny “activist athlete” to actor anytime soon, especially after the brutal reviews of his new movie “Space Balls.”

Not only did the movie underperform at the box office, but it was savaged by the critics as being absolute garbage…so you can expect those underperforming numbers will likely plummet a lot more before this is all said and done.

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Breitbart reported that left-wing China stooge LeBron James’ Space Jam: A New Legacy underperformed big-time with a projected $32 million opening in nearly 4,000 theaters.

For context, more than a quarter-century ago (26 years to be exact), Michael Jordan’s original Space Jam opened to $27.5 million in 1996 in only 2,650 theaters.

In 1996, Jordan’s Space Jam went on to a $90.4 million domestic gross. Next week, LeBron’s sequel will probably die a hard death and have troubling creeping to a $60 or $70 million gross.

How big of a disaster is that? Well, before promotion costs, this sucker cost $150 million to produce.

Soon, LeBron will be known as the “King” of box office flops.

And speaking of flops, the critics couldn’t hate this movie more if they tried…


Western Journal reported that Entertainment Weekly’s take was damning. Though reviewer Mary Sollosi noted that it “kind of works” as a testament to James’ pop-culture influence, as a piece of actual cinema, it’s a failure.

“Here’s the thing about basketball: It is extremely watchable,” Sollosi, an assistant features editor wrote. “Here’s the thing about Space Jam: A New Legacy: It’s not. You will be amazed by how little the basketball game resembles an actual sport, and how hard it is to sit through.”

An “abomination,” the New York Post put it.

The entertainment site the AV Club was not kind at all to the man sometimes known as “King James” (even if other big-name NBA stars disagree.)

As the sequel to 1996 “Space Jam,” which starred Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, the new movie was supposed to be one more way for LeBron to chase Jordan’s legacy.

It didn’t work out so well.


“The star of a new Space Jam has big Air Jordans to fill, but only when it comes to star power; as an actor, His Airness was as flat and rigid as a backboard,” AV Club reviewer A.A. Dowd wrote.


Looks like LeBron has the same “impact” in Hollywood as he does on the basketball court..this radicalized activist athlete is taking movies and basketball to the bottom of the sewer in record-time.

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