Let's Be Serious! After The VP Debate, Can You See Harris Dealing With World Leaders

As an independent conservative, I have to say Vice President Mike Pence won the 2020 VP debate. He clearly avoided talking about some issues, but he had well-rehearsed answers for all the questions he did respond to, giving credit to Pres. Trump, while attacking Joe Biden/Kamala Harris effectively.

The contrast between Pence and Harris was literally as stark as black vs. white. Harris, a verbal bully, showed her inadequacies, and like Biden, did not know the specifics of the issues. Delivery is one thing facts are another. Harris may have spit out everything she memorized on the false democrat narrative, but she was in way over her head.


The debate, for the most part, likely did not move the needle in either direction. This is the COVID election and The People’s opinion of whether Trump/Pence handled it well and honestly. Most everyone has already made that decision.

As Americans, can we all agree that Susan Page should never be allowed to moderate another debate? Who in the heck is she anyway? At first, I wondered why the Trump campaign would agree to allow her and that little worm, Chris Wallace, to moderate? Tonight, I realized why.

The fact-checkers will destroy all of Kamala Harris’ head-shaking denials with facts and videotapes. She displayed more facial expressions than “Man of a Thousand Faces.”

It is beyond me why Pence was supposed to answer every question, but Harris could artfully dodge questions she could not answer or be unprepared to answer.  She had far too many smirks, eye rolls, and condescending attitudes toward Pence.  Not Presidential.  Just pliable enough for the Socialist voters to love.

Kamala showed the world why she dropped out before the Democrat race ever got started – incredibly unlikable and condescending. And… what was up with her constantly referring to Biden as “Joe” like they would be Co-Presidents if elected? Hmm…

Let’s try to be realistic here.


It is doubtful Biden would make it past one year in office. Probably would resign after the State of the Union in 2022, and Harris would assume the presidency.

Is what you saw in her performance last night, including what Restuccia conveniently left out, presidential? Could you see her dealing with the likes of Putin or similar leaders?

Unfortunately, most people in this country vote with their emotions and virtually never investigate the facts. You won’t find the truth in the media.

I understand why some voters might not like Pres. Trump, it is a preference thing, but when you look at the options, it is not particularly good.

Kamala sent tens of thousands of people to prison for marijuana crimes, as a prosecutor, for political gain. Then she boasts and jokes about her own use. Is she a principled person?

After the smoke was clear, you had to have loved Pence’s earnest and repeated use of “The American people need to know…” because yes, the American media is blacking out so much relevant information that Democrats and the country are clueless. People now know.

Pence buttoned up everything the Presidential debate left hanging. Thank you, Mr. Vice President! You did an outstanding job tonight in defending the Trump administration and setting forth its achievements and future goals. Four more years!

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