Liberal Media Questioning Biden Campaign’s Judgement After Jill is Mocked Over Pictured With Phallic Eggplant

It’s another day and we of course have yet another strange move made by the Biden campaign.

Although this time the controversy has shifted from Joe and onto Jill Biden.

And it’s all over an incredibly embarrassing photo that someone in the campaign okayed of Jill holding a phallic eggplant.

Liberal writer Yashar Ali spoke up on Twitter over this humiliating photo, demanding to know who on earth would approve this.


Meanwhile, plenty of users on Twitter had some pretty hilarious responses for this massively inappropriate photo.

“oh. oh no. this is going to be a meme in 3… 2…”

“it’s the same color as Hillary’s concession speech pantsuit.”

“She’s married to one so…”

“That may not have been a truly wise photo op. Just sayin’”

“Memers are… well, the image says it all.”

“Does nobody on her staff know that the one veggie she can’t hold up in a press photo is an eggplant.”

“Who thought this was a good idea‽ ?”

“Oh, is she having a slumber party with the cast of the View and AOC??”

“I’m not getting enough nasty memes made of me. Oh, wait… here’s my chance!”

“That eggplant Jill is holding up has more substance than Joe. She holds him up too.”

Here’s an expert tip to all politicians:

Never hold up vegetables like this in a photo op EVER.

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