Liberals Have Absolute Meltdowns Over Trump's "Walter Reed Drive By"

We have the best president.

We are so blessed to be alive at this time in history – yes, even though it’s a constant battle, good always prevails, and we are righteous in our cause.

This is a unique time in history and we’re actually lucky that this is happening because you can’t make things right until all the bad stuff is weeded out and destroyed.


And the liberals are at least making that part easy – it’s not hard to spot the “crazy” is it?

Take today for example. President Trump, who is looking and feeling like a million bucks, decided to do a quick “drive-by” and wave to his supporters who have been holding a vigil outside of Walter Reed Hospital.

Here’s the announcement he made that he was heading out to wave to supporters:

Here’s the actual drive-by that has shaken liberals to their very core!

You can watch the video below:

Liberals, who have been claiming that President Trump was on “death’s doorstep,” are now having to face their fake news reports, and also the reality that Trump is going to emerge from this COVID mess stronger, and better than ever.

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Because the media is filled with lies and fake “sources” President Trump had to do the “drive-by” to prove that he was still alive, for crying out loud.

They’ve come unglued in ways that we haven’t seen since the last time they came unglued…Ha. But seriously, it’s pretty epic. They’re now claiming that President Trump endangered the Secret Service by driving in the car with them.

Suddenly, the left cares about law enforcement! It’s a miracle!


They’re also livid that President Trump dared to take a ride in the car without telling the press pool.

Meanwhile, we’re hearing reports that Secret Service was wearing N-95 masks, and protective shields.

And doctors gave the okay.

But that doesn’t matter, the left will still make a massive ordeal out of this, because they have all literally lost their minds, and they don’t realize how foolish they look.


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