Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney Just Called 2020 Election “Treason” and Says “We Need Military Tribunals”

Day by day, there’s more and more people waking up to the unbelievably suspicious figures in the 2020 election.

I mean, you’d have to be as blind as Steve Wonder to not see the strange abnormalities.


And there’s one man who has his eyes wide open on the election: retired Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney.

He’s claiming that this election isn’t wrought with fraud but TREASON and is calling for Trump to declare a State of Emergency.

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Check it out:

“This isn’t voter fraud, this is TREASON. They are trying to stir insurrection. We need military tribunals.”

-Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney

General McInerney: “Mr. President, you have to declared a National Emergency. You have the authority based in the Executive Order you implemented in September of 2018. You have the power, do it!”


Those are some very bold claims.

Do you agree with Lieutenant McInerney?

Is this election a case of treason that needs to have the military involved in?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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