Liz Cheney’s Troubles Aren’t Going Away, Now With This Latest Move, They’re Just Heating Up

Liz Cheney has found herself in one gigantic pot of hot water.

Ever since she voted with the Democrat’s outlandish plan to impeach President Trump for a second time, conservatives have been plotting to take Cheney down.


And they’re wasting ZERO time.

A petition to recall Cheney now has nearly 25,000 signatures.

You can sign the petition here.

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And there’s many who are promising more payback for Cheney’s treachery.

80 mil voted for Trump, come on let’s get this recall number up to 10 mil

Run the signatures thru a Dominion machine, we’ll be over 250k by 4 am

Voters elect people to represent THEM in Washington. When that person gets to Washington, all of the sudden, it’s not about the will of the people they were elected by, but instead becomes about what that, now politician, wants to do. To hell with their constituents. See LIZ C

My opinion: She was elected by the people she’s supposed to represent. If they don’t agree with what she’s doing they will not re-elect her. If they want to recall her then the petition should be signed by the voters in her district.

Out you go, Liz ! The Apple does not fall far from the tree ( you father)


Even if nothing comes of this petition, it’s gotta be a shocking sign of defiance for Liz.

She’s gotta know that her political career is over…

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