Lori Lightfoot Under Fire After Video Appears to Show Questionable "COVID Security" at Lalapalooza

Lori Lightfoot delayed her new mask mandates so her city could hold the biggest potential “superspreader” event in modern history.


100K+ people filed into downtown Chicago for the Lalapalooza music festival.

Yes, 100K+ people…

But don’t worry, we were told everything was a-ok because nearly everyone in attendance was “vaccinated.”

Is that really “ok”? Haven’t some experts suggested that vaccinated people are spreading germs 100X more than unvaccinated?


At any rate, that was the “marketing ploy” that embattled Mayor Lightfoot used to justify her potential superspreader event.

Lightfoot claims that “90 percent” of the people in attendance were vaccinated.

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Not sure how she came up with that number, or how accurate it is.

And besides that – there might be another problem for Lori…

A new video has surfaced and it appears to show rather lax COVID “security” protocols at certain points of entry.

Watch how these festivalgoers just trot right in, waving “cards” in the air, while the festival workers raise their fists for some unknown reason.

You can watch the video below:

When I saw this video online, it seemed almost absurdly irresponsible, and thus felt “suspicious” to me, so I decided to do some digging.

I poked around and found some people online who claimed they were at the event, and they say this was just one point of entry, and later, at other points beyond this one in the video, you had to show your ID and vax card, and everything was matched up.

Here’s what one person said:

“I was there, this is how they made you get through that FIRST gate, as shown in the video taken here. In order to get past the actual gate to the concert you have to hand an employee your physical copy of your vaccination card or neg Covid results test from the last 72 hours”


That’s great – but now, I am actually convinced that this was absurdly irresponsible, by “liberal standards.”

The problem with this approach is simple: the very first gate should be where everything is checked and scrutinized most.

Otherwise, you’re creating a potential bottleneck ahead with people who may be “human biohazards” because they were not checked at the first point of entry.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“This is ridiculous. But I have to wear a mask in my house per the Surgeon General?”

“People saying this was just one point of entry, are not getting it. They should have been checking cards the very first point, not somewhere in the middle, come on now, people”

“This looks like a convoluted and confusing mess, just like everything related to COVID is nowadays.” 

“If this is so serious and deadly, Lori should have had them checking for vax and id at every checkpoint along the way, not dancing around and laughing.” 

“ya’ll it’s getting harder and harder to take any of this seriously” 

“There will be blood all over Lori Lightfoot’s hands when cases spike in Chicago.” 

“I will tell you what, I don’t want to hear one word from Lori’s mouth about me wearing a mask or getting that vaccine. Not one damn word.” 

Look, don’t get me wrong, I think all of the vaccine passports and mak mandate stuff is hooey – but if these are the rules set forth by the communists, then either they abide by them or they get called out for not doing so.

Because, if you ask me, all of this – every bit of what’s happening right now – is nothing more than political theatre.

The people who are telling you to be afraid and ordering all of these “mandates” are not the least bit scared or worried and everyone needs to ask why that is…


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