Photo of MAGA Fly and Pence Vs. Kamala Harris – Ben Garrison Cartoon

MAGA Fly Bugs Kamala

Mike Pence easily won the debate against Kamala Harris last night, but a fly stole the show.

The contest between the Vice President and Kamala was predictable and sedate compared to President Trump’s debate with Joe Biden. Pence is a good speaker and he easily held the nasally Harris at bay. Then a fly appeared on top of Mike’s white hair and stayed there for nearly 2 minutes. I thought it was unusual because it didn’t move. Then the fly suddenly disappeared.

The leftist media got a big hoot out of the fly and wondered if Pence even knew it was there. I wondered myself. Usually, a fly can be heard and spotted with peripheral vision. It could be felt too, but perhaps Pence’s hair prevented that.

Now I’m hearing conspiracy theories that the fly was digitized and rendered onto the live broadcast somehow. The right made fun of flies appearing on Obama and perhaps this was revenge. Flies are attracted to dirty things like Democrats are attracted to dirty politics. Flies are considered bad luck.

So I helped out the Vice President here and made the fly into something more positive. A fly with a MAGA hat would surely bug Kamala.

—Ben Garrison

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