What Was Once 'Wrong' Is Now Ok With Joe Biden

Over the last few days, we have seen an increase in mainstream media stories surrounding one subject: Florida. The narrative is that Florida is doing such a horrible job with COVID that cases continue to rise across the state.

The Hill kept it simple, saying that Florida is reporting its highest daily COVID cases since January. The Guardian pushed for a ramp-up in vaccination efforts across the state of Florida. They targeted Gov. Ron DeSantis in their article, which really brings about the point of all of this. (RELATED: CDC Says PCR Test Doesn’t Work)

The Washington Post did not hide its agenda behind a headline. They went directly after DeSantis, trying to say that this latest spike is a “problem” for the Governor. They push the numbers about how 1 in 5 new cases are in Florida and that this should be a concern for DeSantis leadership.

The Biden regime jumped into the DeSantis attacks as well. The Surgeon General said that the rise in cases in Florida is “alarming” and has to do with the state’s low vaccination rates. This is about so much more than vaccination rates, however. It’s about misleading the public about DeSantis because the radical left fears him.

In regards to misleading, the state of Florida has a higher population than most states and so any spread of any virus is going to be higher in those areas. The CDC shares a time-lapse video option on its website, which clearly shows that the current spread of COVID cases started much worse in the central US and spread from there. While you will hear about Missouri and their cases, it doesn’t help them politically to talk about Missouri does it?

So they choose instead to talk about Florida. They pushed DeSantis on the mask mandates for school. DeSantis has vowed there will be no new mask mandate in Florida. While the radical left wants to push the issue, DeSantis realizes that the masks will not prevent the spread of the virus as the narrative has been.

Then the big issue becomes vaccines as the radical left wants to essentially force Americans to take a vaccine. As I have said so many times, if you choose to take the vaccine that is a personal choice. No one should force anyone to take a vaccine, especially one that we do not have a track record with. But that’s not acceptable for these Marxist radicals of our country.

So they say the state has low vaccination rates, but we should probably take a look at the numbers. The Mayo Clinic has a great vaccine tracker to show how each state is doing. When you look at the chart, Florida is actually doing quite well in the vaccination offerings. Almost 60% of the state has received a vaccine and Florida has one of, if not the highest, vaccination rates among red states across the country.

So if you want to make this political, DeSantis’ leadership is still doing a better job in vaccination than his red-state counterparts. DeSantis even said that vaccines are helping keep people out of hospitals, leading many on the right to call DeSantis a sellout. DeSantis knew what he was doing in his comments. He never said the vaccine was a cure or a savior in the midst of the pandemic. Instead, he merely stated a data point, that those who have had the vaccine have lower hospitalization rates when they contract COVID.

The data brings around a lot more questions than it does answers. For example, if vaccines are so effective, then why is Florida considered at a critical risk while states like South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Louisiana are not? In each of those states, less than 50% of their population has received a COVID vaccine.

Or what about New York or California, where they are only a few small percentage points ahead of Florida in their overall vaccination rates?

But it’s not about vaccinations, COVID cases, or anything of the sort. This is another example of how they are using the coronavirus for political gain.

Media outlets are going all across Florida and the nation to find people to speak out against DeSantis because that is what this is really about. CBS News went to Miami to get their story. One Orlando news outlet decided to get some doctors willing to bash their governor. The stories are endless it seems and have been running for days.

The radical left is absolutely terrified of DeSantis and it shows through their actions. They have to manipulate the reporting so that it sounds like he is doing a horrible job. I am certainly not saying that the Florida Governor is the man to inherit leadership from Trump among those on the right. After all, Trump is still alive and well in control of things on the right. What I am saying, however, is that if the radical left hates you so much as to attack you like this, well, that’s someone that I can certainly support.

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