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Over the past few days, I am sure your news feed has been inundated with articles about the Supreme Court just like mine. Most of the news has revolved around the upcoming cases for the nation’s highest court, but many mainstream outlets have already started the fearmongering once again.

Take for example this article from Bloomberg. They specifically target abortion, guns, and faith: three things that the radical left cannot stand. In abortion, they want to start the messaging that the Supreme Court is going after “women’s rights.” They want you to believe it has nothing to do about the rights of the child, but specifically the right to murder an unborn child.

For guns, they are trying to blame the acceptance of a case on Justice Amy Coney Barrett. Specifically, they said that until she was on the court, the Supreme Court had denied cases involving concealed carry firearms. The left wants you to believe that having a gun in “public” is a bad thing. Since when did self-defense only matter at home?

Then there is the topic of faith, where the Bloomberg article talks about how the Supreme Court has “bolstered religious rights in recent years.” Perhaps these left-wing writers have forgotten that religious rights were granted to Americans under the Constitution, not needing anyone to “bolster” them at all.

You should not think for one second that these attacks are just over the topics that the court is hearing. That’s not the case at all. There’s an agenda behind the madness. It is not very difficult to see.

Take for example the recent articles that shared the approval rating of the Supreme Court falling. A Gallup poll reported that the highest court only had a 40% approval rating. The poll went further specifically targeting the conservative side of the court. It delivered a result where a large portion of the respondents said that the court was too conservative.

Why would people respond saying the Supreme Court was too conservative or lose faith in the Supreme Court to uphold the Constitution? You do not have to look much further than the constant attacks from the mainstream media and the radical left.

When the Supreme Court is constantly in the news for upholding freedom, protecting life and faith, or anything else the radical left does not like, they go full force into the misinformation and propaganda spewing efforts. Remember when simply approving Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was going to lead to Roe v Wade being overturned?

Similar statements and attacks were made against Barrett after Trump nominated her. Time and again we are told that conservative justices are horrible people and will terrorize the American Constitution. Time and again they uphold the Constitution as it was originally intended, not through the perverse ideas of the radicals.

The plan is to allow the Supreme Court to go about their business and to continue to attack them with little statements like this. After some time, you will hear the conversation shift. No longer will it be about how the Supreme Court is horrible and how conservatives will “reshape the country through the court.”

The conversation will shift to how the radical left feels they can restore trust in the Supreme Court. That, of course, will make it necessary to stack the court with new justices. it will be to reshape the landscape of the Supreme Court like we have not seen in many years. It would not surprise me at all if it comes around the same time as the results of President Joe Biden’s Supreme Court evaluation committee.

The radical left continues to spread the lie that conservatives hold a 6-3 advantage on the court, but nothing could be further from the truth. Chief Justice John Roberts is far from a conservative. Many times the conservatives on the court have even ruled differently in the same case. But they do not care about the truth. They have a narrative to push to help with their agenda.

This is not just “news” organizations educating the American people. This is news organizations that are conditioning Americans to accept that the Supreme Court is not acceptable in its current format and needs reform. This is the way the radical left plays the game and we must see through their charade.

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