Man Sings "God Bless America" For Our Fallen Soldiers

One thing is for sure…


Americans are having a really hard time coping with the death of our (now) 14 fallen heroes.

Did you know that the “average age” of the dead is only 22-years-old?

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These kids had their whole entire lives ahead of them, and instead of living, they’re now dead, thanks to an inept Biden administration that thought it’d be a good idea to pull out all the troops, close a secure airbase, release ISIS prisoners, and arm the Taliban BEFORE evacuating our people.


It has to be one of the most asinine foreign policy moves on record.

I just can’t wrap my head around the stupidity…such stupidity, that we now have dead soldiers and all those other people who died at the airport, too.

It’s just sickening, and the impact of those deaths is hitting people hard, and they’re expressing their sadness and showing honor in different ways.

Like this man here – sitting in his living room, crying, and singing the most heartfelt and beautiful rendition of “God Bless America.”

You can watch the video below:

God Bless him, for sharing this very raw and emotional moment with all of us.

I know like him, many of you are also hurting and feeling tremendous pain for those families and for our country, as well.


It didn’t have to be this way.

Resign, Joe Biden. You’re a disgrace.

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