Many People Are Starting to Question Why Kamala Harris is Always "Laughing Hysterically" At Nothing

It’s one thing to be out there having a good time and whoopin’ it up and laughing at funny stuff…I get it, life is short, so have some fun girl…But what we’re seeing from Kamala is starting to look like histrionics from someone with an uncontrollable nervous tick or a severe personality disorder.


It’s not normal to constantly be throwing your head back in some knee-slapping frenzy, especially when literally nothing funny has been said, or even whispered for miles.

Kamala is starting to make herself into a meme the over-the-top laughing.

Here she is dancing, and literally LAUGHING HER A** OFF:

While she’s trying to make herself out to be the youthful, bright, and cheery sidekick to the old, dark, and doomsday Joe, it’s coming off as fake, and totally forced.

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Here she is literally busting a gut for some unknown reason:

I think Peggy Noonan, a WSJ reporter, and ABC News pundit, and woman who actually loathes Trump, put it best when she said that Kamala is embarrassing herself with these childish, and very strange antics.

And here she is laughing again at a very serious political question about how she’s the most liberal senator (she is). Is she laughing because she doesn’t have an answer?

Notice how the smile fades at the end? This woman is such pure phony-baloney BS.

And here she is again laughing for no reason – and add to it that her weird shaky “I’m about to laugh at any minute” voice.

It’s like she’s always on the verge of another “laugh attack.”

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And it’s not just folks on the right who think she’s “yucking it up” too much.

Kamala comes off as very phony, very insincere, very “programmed” to act and behave a certain way.

From her Tupac and hot sauce to her incessant belly laughter, there is nothing “genuine” about her, and if Biden were to win, she would be the next President of The United States, and that seriously, is no laughing matter.



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