Marine Jailed for Criticizing Disastrous Afghan Withdrawal Just Got Life-Changing Surprise From Patriotic Americans

It’s really stunning to watch how Joe Biden’s “America” treats political opponents.


It’s very “Communist China-like.”

From the way, the January 6th attendees have been treated, to Lt. Col. Stu Scheller, who simply criticized the godawful Afghanistan withdrawal.

If you’re a political dissident, you’re worse than a serial rapist or child killer, according to the Biden admin…and they will come after you with both barrels.

What they’re doing to Lt. Col. Scheller is horrific and almost unimaginable.

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Lt. Col Stuart Scheller, 40, a father of three and a Bronze Star recipient, has been stuck in solitary confinement at Camp LeJeune.

Scheller went viral after he criticized America’s exit from Afghanistan in a series of videos. He can speak to his attorney but his parents, Stuart Sr. and Cathy, said they were only allowed to speak to him just once, for 90 seconds, last week.

A hearing to decide whether or not the military throws the book at Scheller, a 17-year veteran, or releases him is scheduled for Oct. 5. But the Schellers told The Post Saturday the hearing is closed to civilians and the media, and they don’t know what to expect.

But, the good news is – the American people have come to the rescue in a big, big way.

Western Journal reported that Americans are rallying to the cause of the Marine who dared to speak his mind about the debacle in Afghanistan.


As of Sunday morning, more than $2.2 million had been donated or pledged to help Marine Lt. Col. Stu Scheller, according to a fund-raising page. The amount already exceeds the original goal of $2 million to help Scheller with the costs of his upcoming legal battle as well as supporting his family in the event the military punishes Scheller by stripping away the 17-year veteran’s benefits.

Scheller took to social media in August to criticize senior leaders for the disaster in Afghanistan, and continued to post comments after being ordered not to do so.

The Pipe Hitter Foundation, which is coordinating the fund drive, said on the page that it “is incredibly proud to assist Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, a Marine who had the courage to demand accountability from his leadership in the wake of a disastrous exit from Afghanistan that lead to the death of 13 of his fellow service members.”

The site noted that Scheller risked his career in the name of accountability.


Scheller is a real American hero.

He’s never been braver and more of a true hero than he is right now, and Americans can see that, and they’ll stand by him.

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