Marjorie Taylor Green On a Roll...She Just Destroyed Omar and Tlaib in One Blistering Tweet

Marjorie Taylor Greene is proving herself to be the biggest pain in the butt for the Democrats since Donald Trump.

No matter what point they try to make, Greene is there with the perfect response to cut them down.


Her most recent victims were Omar and Tlaib, who have recently stated that Greene is responsible for the violence at the Capitol.

But Greene took their own words and used it brilliantly against them.

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This response of course had many liberals foaming at the mouth with rage:

As head of my state’s Antifa group, I can assure you that national Antifa headquarters has confirmed that none of our members caused any violence or damage during the peaceful protests…Anything else said on the matter is a lie , trying to divide this nation

Here’s is Crazy Marj again asked for MORE attention.

🛑FACT CHECK 🛑: At this point is very difficult to believe anything you say, so, will fact check this & get back to you shortly.

Get ready for more unhinged Tweets, #MarjorieTaylorGreene will have a lot of time on her hands when she stripped of committee assignments. 😳 #ExpelMarjorieTaylorGreene #ByeFelicia

Marjorie. Marjorie Marjorie. Now your just digging a bigger hole for yourself and us all. It’s amazing how people will tell everything when they against a wall. America schools be mad that you knew this before and waited to share anything not just this but anything


I think it can safely be said that Marjorie is the left’s new Trump.

She could just be talking about the weather and that would rile them up.

It’s absolutely hilarious!

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