Marjorie Taylor Greene Flips the Script and Has the Last Laugh on Dems

While Democrats think they’ve defeated Marjorie Taylor Greene, she’s saying “think again.”

Today the House voted to oust Greene from her two congressional committees, but instead of crying foul play, Marjorie is declaring that this move only makes her stronger.


Greene believes that Democrats working to silence her will only strengthen her argument that conservatives are being silenced and will also allow her more time to go on a national tour to elect more conservatives to the House.

From Washington Examiner

Taking a “go ahead, make my day” approach, Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene today shot back at Democrats planning to force her off House committees for past controversial statements, declaring it will free her up to go on a national tour to help fill the House with conservatives.

“How stupid they are,” Greene told Secrets before Democrats on the House Rules Committee voted to move forward with plans to strip her membership on two panels. “They don’t even realize they’re helping me. I’m pretty amazed at how dumb they are,” added the first-term member.

Instead of being worried about losing her seat on the education and budget panels, the Republican bomb thrower said she is eager to step up her fight against Democrats and Republicans she views as centrists, including the GOP leadership.

“I think Republicans need to get back to who they are, and they need to stop talking and actually doing,” she said. “And [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy and all these leaders, the leadership, and everyone is proving that they are all talk and not about action, and they’re just all about doing business as usual in Washington. And so, what’s the difference between them and the Democrats? There isn’t a difference,” said Greene.

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Another startling fact is that Greene also seems to be raising funds from her supporters at an alarming rate.

She raised over $300,000 — $150,000 just yesterday — from over 10,000 donors in her fight against Washington in the past week and won a letter of support signed by key Republican leaders in her district (shown below).

“I want to say thank you. My biggest thing I keep saying just non-stop is thank you to the people who are supporting me and all the emails and messages and to the people in my district. I’m proud of my district because this is a place in Georgia and a beautiful place in this country where Americans love their freedoms, and they’re fed up. And they aren’t willing to back down from a fight like these losers in Washington,” she said.


Greene is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

She really does remind us quite a bit of Trump…

No matter what the Dems throw at her, she always keeps her head up and continues pushing forward.

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