Massive Group of Bikers "Take a Knee" in Prayer for President Trump and Melania's Recovery in Viral Video

The awesomeness and power of prayer is so beautiful and comforting to see.

And since we’ve heard that President Trump, Melania, and also many GOP politicians have contracted COVID, the prayers that have been going up and out are off the charts.


I know I have been praying like crazy, and yesterday, I heard my mom in the other room, crying and praying for Trump. It really touched my heart…The love that so many feel for this amazing America First President far supersedes all the nastiness and hate he gets from the left.

And nowhere was that beautiful love, caring, and deep affection more on display than with a massive group of bikers, who all got on their knees and prayed for the recovery of President Trump and Melania.

God Bless these Christian patriots.

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You can watch the video below:

Our light snuffs out their darkness, so keep it going, folks. Keep the prayers coming, and that beautiful “America First” positive energy flowing.

We will get through this, and President Trump (and others) will emerge from this stronger and better than ever.


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