Matt Gaetz Gets The Last Laugh

Well, it’s not looking all that good for the folks trying to take down Matt Gaetz.


What started out as a scandal that looked and sounded like it might actually become *something* has fizzled into nothing.

Now, I’m not saying that the fake news did a good job, but Matt didn’t handle things well out of the gate, he got a bit weird and a tad frazzled – and the story about the extortion sounded so convoluted and wild. But it was real.

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But we’re nearly a month into this thing and so far not one single “accuser” has come forward against Gaetz.

An article by Politico a couple of weeks ago, admitted that this might have been a ploy by someone close to Matt who was trying to deflect attention away from him. We don’t know for sure yet, it’s still being investigated, so Matt’s not “off the hook” by any means, but the air has gone out of the balloon for all of the people on the left who were dancing on his political grave.


As a matter of fact, politico is now admitting that Matt Gaetz may actually have the last biggest and best laugh yet…on everyone, and if he does come out of this scandal unscathed, it will make him so much more politically powerful.

Here’s what Politico said:

Tara Palmeri – one of the paper’s leading reporters – says:

“There is one thing I do think that is interesting about this. It’s that if Matt Gaetz survives this, and say he does stay in office, he could be politically untouchable which would make him only more powerful if he gets through this. And I know that’s a crazy idea, but people are telling him that. I know that for a fact. If he can come out of this, he’ll probably run for president.”

Can you imagine the irony of the left trying to take Matt down and just making him stronger in the long run?

That’s the same thing they did to President Trump – the left never learns.


Polls also show that Matt’s constituents in Florida are standing strongly behind him – they’re not wavering.

Recently, Matt made a short video to thank all of the people

supporting him.


We’ll see how this all plays out, but right now, it’s been four weeks, and there are no accusers against Rep. Gaetz and no evidence of any wrongdoing.

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