McConnell Called Trump Immediately After Tucker’s Interview With Bobulinski Ended

The Biden’s are in some serious trouble folks…

You’ve got the mounting evidence with Hunter Biden’s laptop, the fact that the Chinese are holding damning photo’s and videos of Hunter and now you have Hunter’s former business party Tony Bobulinski opening a massive can of worms.


During his interview with Tucker Carlson, Bobulinski went into shocking detail on Biden’s intense involvement in Hunter’s business dealings.

Bobulinski’s words not only confirm that Joe Biden is a massive liar, but that he’s also completely compromised.

And now it’s being reported that Mitch McConnell called Trump immediately after the interview was done airing.

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Let’s hope that these two are getting a plan in place to start investigating Joe Biden and his family.

There seriously needs to be consequences for this extreme corruption.

Honestly, Biden should be disqualified from running at this point, which is a sentiment that many conservatives are sharing:

“This HAS to be swiftly dealt with. It can not be allowed to be suppressed any longer.”

“Money – Bank Records – International Wire Transfer
Joe Biden was calling the shots”

“I hope someone does something ffs”

“Trump just said in his Nebraska rally that something big is coming out tomorrow”

It’s also being reported that the Justice Department will be holding a briefing on China-related national security tomorrow.

This isn’t confirmed to be related to the Biden’s, but it’s curious nonetheless.

The American people deserve to know the truth on what Biden was doing with his son Hunter when he was Vice President of the United States.

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