Media Pushing Dangerous Conspiracy Theory that Trump is "Gravely Ill," While His Doctors Say He's Doing Great 

Our fake news media is the most dangerous and disgusting organization in the United States.

It’s just so sickening and corrupt, and every day these ghouls sink to new, unthinkable lows.


After floating conspiracies that Trump was “pretending” to be sick with COVID, the media and left have switched gears and are now claiming that Trump is “gravely ill.”

Of course, their citing “sources” again – you know all those people who’ve gotten everything under the sun completely wrong for 5 years now.

But just when you think these scum-suckers can’t get any scuzzier, they say, “Hold my swamp scuz” and really blow it up.

This is one of those times…

The fake news media, who are so consumed by Stage 5 TDS, and is programmed to “take down Trump” is now claiming through those “sources” of theirs that Trump is actually terribly ill, and insiders are scared and nervous, and the reports coming out of the WH on his health updates are covering up the grave truth.

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They’re acting as if he could barely walk, but managed to take a few steps and stumble onto the plane for “show.”

While fake “sources” claim Trump is having trouble breathing, the doctors say, he hasn’t needed oxygen.

They’re behaving like a pack of hungry vultures right now. Using “anonymous emails” sent to them as “proof” not what the actual doctors are saying.

There are reporters literally discussing the “transfer of power” to Mike Pence. Are these people off their rockers, or what?

And to make matters even worse, they’re basically accusing the actual doctors of being in on this “hoax” to pretend Trump is well, and are grilling the doctors as if they’re terror suspects.

Meanwhile, Trump’s actual doctors have said he’s doing remarkably well.

And Trump is in good spirits. This type of comment below has been shared by several people. For crying out loud, he spoke on video before he left for the hospital.

Does the media have any idea how dangerous it is to claim the leader of the “FREE WORLD” is “gravely ill”? Are they trying to tank the stock market and cause unrest in the world?

Why, yes, of course they are. They’ll do ANYTHING to stop President Trump…anything.


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